How to start a blog

  1. Try, try and try again. You will never get it right first time, I would know. This blog has taken a number forms, has been called many names and I have attempted to keep it going more than once and failed at least twice. If you really want to do it, it’ll happen.
  2. But don’t beat yourself up too bad if it doesn’t work out first time! You see all these successful blogs out there and wonder why you can’t just have that. It’ll be sweeter once you work for it, let’s hope anyway!
  3. Get some advice. I had an ex-boyfriend that was tech-savvy (helped when I had little knowledge of how the blogging world works, in the good old days he formatted my MySpace to look like the cool kids’ pages!) There should be at least someone in your life, work or personal that can help with WordPress or whatever platform you are using. Research also hugely helps. Next time you’re twiddling your thumbs, just google ‘best domain sites’ etc etc. It just starts from 5 minutes of randomly googling.
  4. Do not put pressure on yourself. If you’re not feeling it that day, don’t force it. That goes for a lot of things in life. I think it’s very easy in our age to do this in whatever aspect. Just be you please without any pressure 🙂 there’s enough pressure from other people out there. Don’t put it on yourself too!
  5. Think a lot about what kind of blogs you like reading and what you want to talk about! Do you want it to be more of a diary? Informative? Cooking/lifestyle/travelling? And PLEASE, don’t feel as though you have to be passionate about this or ANYTHING for that matter. If you continue following this blog, you will soon realise I am not actually passionate about anything (yet). Don’t ever think that’s a bad thing! Just write about anything! Write about trying something for the first time and hating it – it’s still a life experience!
  6. Enjoy writing. Obviously.
  7. Get drunk and start writing. The truth usually comes out when you’re drunk, without the usual filters in place when you’re sober. Sometimes that’s a good thing. I grew up in a world where I reaaaally cared about what people thought of me and that it was very ‘uncool’ to do a lot of things. That is exactly what I am trying to break through. Being drunk helps 😉
  8. Network with other bloggers, follow theirs that interest you, there’s so many out there to grab inspiration from 🙂 ‘Where’s Mollie”s blog really caught my eye, I really like her style of writing. And In The Frow’s is beautiful and thoughtful.
  9. Enjoy it. Enjoy it. Enjoy what the internet has to offer.

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