Why is it called ‘The Little Diary’?

Because I’m really small (under 5 foot!) and because I wanted this blog to be a sort of diary for me! And for others to relate to what I’m going through. I haven’t ever really found a blog that shows the good and bad bits of life and the unreasonably frustrating parts of life that we shouldn’t complain about but definitely do secretly (or I do). I probably haven’t explained that very well. What I’m trying to say is, it’s good to have a rant sometimes and I’ve decided to share mine in case someone needs to hear that someone is in the same boat, Be prepared for very random posts, depending on what my mood is!

That is why it is called The Little Diary! Plus, The LD sounds quite good.

PS the pugs have nothing to do with the blog post, I thought I’d just try and catch people’s eye. They are in fact my mum’s and sister’s pugs though and also my babies.


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