Fitness in London

This may help if, like me, you are or have been overwhelmed with the amount of fitness classes/gyms in London, as there are HUNDREDS. We are seriously spoilt for choice.

I’ve been in London for just over two years, and it’s only in recent months that I have ventured out of my comfort zone of my normal gym and tried out various places offering incredible classes, (sometimes) pricey packages and promises to keep you motivated. I thought I’d just share which ones I’ve tried.

So my normal gym is The Gym, great if you want a bargain: easily the cheapest gym here and it’s clean, they offer great free classes included in the membership and there is no contract, so you can cancel your direct debit whenever you want. And, you can also freeze your membership if for example you’re going on holiday for only £5 a month.

Trouble is, I just haven’t been motivated to go there anymore, I’ve been there for a long period of time now and during our heatwave this summer, I just gave up going (didn’t help that the aircon there is not the best!) I was starting to see it as more of a chore than anything else, so it was time for a change!

Worth mentioning that I did have a phase of doing Joe Wicks’ 15/20 minute videos at home (check his YouTube channel out) and that was again great for a while, but too hot in the summer.

So the best thing about these fitness studios in London is that they always offer a first timer package, usually 2 or 3 classes for £20. Compared to a gym membership, it is pricey but there is a big difference.

I first went to Another Space in Covent Garden (there’s another one in Bank) – they only do 3 classes so the variety is not huge but to be fair, what they do they do bloody well. They do a spin class (didn’t actually try it but my friend loves it), Box HIIT (incredible, I nearly died!) and yoga. I tried hot yoga for the first time and it was lovely. The premises are pristine, the changing rooms are full of goodies and everything you need (you genuinely don’t need to bring a thing if you want a shower etc) and the instructors are AWESOME, they are so motivating. Their offers do not come around that often which is the only problem, and at £20 per session (45 minutes) it is pricey and I cannot afford it at full price unfortunately! So I see this place as a treat place!

Next me and my friend tried KOBOX which is exactly what it sounds like; a fitness class specialising in boxing only. I went to the one near Liverpool Street and it is SO fun. It makes learning to box easy as each movement is given a number, so the sequences are easy to follow after a while. Heavy going HIIT is mixed into the 45 minute session so there is a let up from the boxing bags, but the music and instructor always keeps you going. The lighting is dark and dingy so no one can see you make a fool of yourself! I think boxing is my favourite workout so it’s easy for me to love this place but there is nothing that puts me off, apart from the price. Similar to Another Space, it’s normally £20 a class but they do have some longstanding offers so it’s a bit more forgiving. Highly recommend, especially if you’re angry at something or someone so you can picture their face on the punching bag 🙂

On the build up to my holiday, I was conscious that I needed to do a little more to feel a little more confident in a bikini! Given that I only had a month I needed to take drastic measures. Luckily, Move Your Frame had a banging offer – £99 for 30 classes in 30 days so I could just cram in a lot of classes. I can’t recommend Frame enough, the variety of classes is insane, from Reformer Pilates to Boxfit to Barre, you can literally try a bit of everything. Legitimately the best way to start your day is doing a dance cardio class to Britney Spears! There are now 7 studios all over central London and they are branching out all the time which is very handy. The instructors are awesome as well, so good at what they do and they always ask if you have injuries, they push you, they guide you on the moves and show you what to do. There’s also a little shop and food/drinks cafe (I should have said that the two above studios also offer fresh smoothies etc). I did a class nearly every day and two in one day nearly broke me, but there’s always full stretches after every class. I will miss going there on an almost daily basis so much, but I am tempted just to go for the monthly membership (on peak is £120 – pricey to some but worth if it you actually want to work out!) I love it there, the classes are not as expensive but just as good I’d say. Highly, highly recommend. I can actually see a difference in my body after 3 weeks which motivates me to go more. One thing I would say about spending a little more money in working out, it’ll make you go more! If you don’t, you are wasting a lot of dollar.

I’ve banged on far too much on this post so apologies, but it’s hard to sum up the experiences quickly and I know I found any recommendations/ratings helpful when I was choosing where to spend my money! But if you live in London get on it, it’s worth it.

My next ventures are Unit London and Best’s Bootcamp to try, I also really want to try more fitness festivals and one-day experiences etc. so I will keep you posted!


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