I recently took a holiday for a week to Santorini, Greece and it was easily my favourite I’ve been on. I went with two of my best friends and it was the perfect mixture of culture, social life and chilled vibes.


We stayed in Kamari which is on the south east side of the island, 10 minutes from the airport and a good location if you like beaches and plenty of bars and restaurants. It was also easy and quick to get to the other parts of the island. Perfect weather, 29 or 30 degrees and nearly always sunny in late August if you want an idea.

Oia, in the north of the island, is where you go to see what everyone always thinks of when someone says ‘Santorini’: the white, smooth buildings and the deep blue sea. It is ridiculous. The sunset in the feature image of this post is where we spent our Friday night in a seafood restaurant overlooking it all.


Anyway enough photos I could go on! I would highly recommend wine-tasting, pebble beach sunbathing (no sand sticking to you, amazing), wine-tasting (their rose and red is so good), visiting Ancient Thera (blows your mind) and going to the Albatross bar and watching live music.

One day I’ll probably edit this post because it is so vague but my main message is go to Santorini, you will not regret, even for a week it is the most relaxing, beautiful place and a great balance of everything you need from a week of escapism. Thank you Greece.


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