About The LD

My name is Hannah Cowley and I am a 25 year old blogger soon to be living in London.

I started this blog because I wanted to keep a diary of my transition of living in a comfortable, lovely little town in the East Midlands to the Capital. I wanted to share with you the ups and downs, the things to think about if you’re moving or going through change, and what it’s really like living in London.

Along the way, I hope to be inspired by new experiences I try and new things I find out whilst living here. I’ll also give an insight into my life; how I’m feeling and possibly the odd personal story if I think it’s appropriate.

I want to share with fellow residents and visitors of London what it’s REALLY like – the beautiful bits and the not so glamorous side. I’m aware that there are a multitude of London bloggers out there which is great, but hopefully I can add an extra side that maybe people don’t write about so often. I hope it proves useful to someone one day 🙂

Any questions or comments are welcome, just shout! 🙂